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When you're located in or near Buffalo Grove, IL and have a car or truck that needs plenty of caring, professional attention, then bring it to the pros.  We offer a comprehensive auto maintenance and car engine repair service that provides an affordable, accessible solution to all your automotive needs.  Using premium auto parts, which are fully guaranteed, we strive to complete every job promptly and professionally.  Come to us for timely and effective auto brake repair or to check your exhaust system, or anything keeping you from being safe and comfortable on the road.

Are The Roads Getting Bumpier?

Visit us today at the corner of Dundee and Wolf Road for all your car care needs.

Keep your engine cool. Call today for an appointment to get that leak checked out.



If you're finding a highway commute is giving you the same driving sensation as an off-road adventure, it could well be the case that it's time to take advantage of our auto suspension service.  We will check each part of your suspension, locate the auto parts which are giving you problems and get them promptly replaced.  This not only results in a smoother ride, it will also help to protect the rest of your vehicle from unnecessary bumps and jolts.

All the Checks and Repairs You Need For a Longer Journey

From making sure the car cooling system is working well, to tire repair, and access to our car wash service, we can provide all the checks and maintenance you need to start out on a longer trip confidently.  We even supply snacks to avoid an empty stomach on the road!  Use us to ensure that you start a big journey with every chance of a trouble free, enjoyable ride.

Professional, Friendly Service

We do our utmost to provide an honest, transparent service to drivers in and around Buffalo Grove, helping them keep their vehicles in premium condition for surprisingly affordable prices.  If you need repairs, auto parts or more, call us now at (847)-537-8492.