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Auto detailing

A brilliant shine every time

Keep your car's brilliant shine

Dirt, grime, and bugs don't stand a chance with our advance cleaning technology. Your car will glimmer like glass with our deep paint cleaning and paint sealant. Don't forget about the interior! We'll shampoo your carpet, clean the floor mats, and add the right amount of fragrance. We also hand towel dry to keep your car smooth, clean and free from dust. Check out our detail packages listed below!

Car wash and detail services

  • Touch-free exterior wash

  • Vacuum carpet and seats

  • Chassis bath

  • Wheel bright

  • Paint sealant and conditioner

  • Dash and other plastic panels cleaned

  • Windows polished

  • •Floor mat cleaning

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Even if it has been a while since your last car wash, our technicians and advanced technology can help restore your car to its factory shine, and deep clean the interior as well, to bring back that new car smell.

Keeping cars like yours fresh and clean for 40 years!

Keep up on your car's preventative maintenance and help extend the life of your vehicle. Simple maintenance like oil changes can make your car more efficient.

A clean car helps prevent exterior rust. Call today to keep your car in great shape.



Bring back that new car smell

Exterior and Interior Services

Gold - Deluxe Exterior Car Wash

Paint Sealant and Conditioner, Chassis Bath, Rust Inhibitor and Wheel Bright:


Silver:  Deluxe Exterior Car Wash

Clear Coat Sealant, Chassis Bath and Rust Inhibitor


Deluxe: Deluxe Exterior Car Wash


Extra Services:

Windshield Rain Repellant


Interior Vacuum and Windows


Floor mats


Wheel Bright


Chassis Bath with rust inhibitor


Tire dressing


Stretch limo




Detail Services

Express detail

Hand wax


Shampoo Carpet

$30 and up

Leather treatment


Full detail services

Interior package

Shampoo carpets and mats, clean and condition all vinyl and leather, shampoo cloth seats, polish windows inside and out, add air freshener.


Exterior package

Remove road tar, sap and bugs, machine polish and apply carnauba wax, clean wheels, dress tires, polish windows inside and out, and dress all black body moldings


Super detail package -

(Interior and exterior packages)


Paint sealant with deep paint cleaning


Super Detail Package

(Interior, paint sealant with deep paint cleaning)


All washes include hand towel dry!