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Radiator replacements

Keep your engine cool

Your cooling system is important

Your car's engine produces an enormous amount of heat. This heat will destroy your car's engine if not properly regulated. That's why your car's cooling system is so important. The liquid moving through the hoses and radiator transfer the heat away from the engine to keep it at the optimum temperature. So if the light or gauge on your dash indicates your car is too hot, bring it in for a diagnostic check-up right away.

Common cooling system issues

  • Leaks

  • Defective pressure cap

  • Leaking radiator core

  • Loose or ripped hoses

  • Thermostat issues

  • Broken water pump

  • Debris in the cooling systems

  • Worn drive belt

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When you're driving, it's important to note any changes in your car. For example, have you seen white smoke coming from another car's exhaust? That could be an indication of a coolant leak. If you notice anything strange with your car, bring it to us right away.

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Keep your car in top shape with regular maintenance! Oil changes, tire rotations, and battery check may seem minor, but this regular maintenance keeps major problems at bay.

Keep your engine cool. Call today for an appointment to get that leak checked out.



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