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Suspension service and repair

Ensure a smooth ride with proper suspension care

If your ride is less than smooth, bring your car to us to get the suspension checked. Springs, shock absorbers, and linkages can fail, causing a bumpy ride. Not only is this uncomfortable for you, but your car's components can suffer as well. Too many bumps in the road can cause bolts and screws to loosen. Bring your car in to Dundee & Wolf Automotive if you've noticed a bumpier ride than normal.

Let us solve your suspension issues

  • Shocks

  • Struts

  • Coil springs

  • Tie rods

  • Steering linkage

  • Alignment

  • Leaf springs

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Contact us today for an appointment

It'll be a smooth ride when you get your car repaired at Dundee & Wolf Automotive. All parts and labor are backed with a 12-month, 12,000 mile warranty. If you find a defect in our work, bring it back to us and let us make it right!

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Clean your car inside and out with our full-detail package! We'll shampoo the carpets, wax the exterior, and polish the windows. Your car will shine with our detail services!

Keep your car ride smooth. Call us today for an appointment to solve any suspension issue.



Don't let your suspension keep you in suspense