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When Should You Opt For Tire Repair Over Tire Replacement?

Frequently, motorists are led to believe that once a tire has been punctured, the best course of action is invariably to get a new one.  The reality is that there are many circumstances where tire repair is a cheaper option than replacement and will result in a safe, useful tire that could give several years of additional service.  Excessively worn tires, or those which have sustained secondary damage due to whatever object pierced the rubber are probably not suitable for repair, but a tire which is otherwise in good condition can continue to give good service for years by timely, skilled fixing.

Tire Replacement for Wheeling and Buffalo Grove Customers

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We are a locally based tire repair service that's ideal for people who live or work near us in Wheeling, IL.  Often, tire repairs can be completely the same day, so in many cases customers can drop their tire or vehicle off with us on the way to work, then pick it up at the end of the day, repair completed, ready for the journey home.  

Range of Other Services

Our tire service is just one aspect of our comprehensive auto repair facility, which provides a comprehensive selection of auto maintenance and repair services.  At the same time as getting a tire repaired, why not include a car wash, brake check or get your air conditioning serviced?

Local Tire Repair, Out of This World Support

Our dedicated, enthusiastic professionals are all happy to help you keep your car in premium condition, providing effective, affordable repairs that are always guaranteed.  If you want to give a punctured tire a new lease of life, or have any other auto repair issues, call us at (847)-537-8492 to book in now.

Tire Replacement