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If your truck is sounding rough or you're finding that your car isn't performing how it should, bring it to us for car engine repair and service you can trust.  We are able to fix most common makes and models, using sophisticated diagnostic testing to ensure we accurately identify what the problem is, then rectify it.  We always carry a large selection of auto parts, so chances are we'll be able to complete your auto brake repair or exhaust system fix without having to waste time ordering in the correct components.

Regular Servicing Could Save You Plenty

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Keeping up to date with auto maintenance and servicing not only ensures that any wear is picked up early; it can also enhance the life of your engine and minimize the risk of more expensive problems later on.  We carry out a range of servicing and maintenance tasks, making certain that everything from the car cooling system checks to the auto suspension service is undertaken thoroughly and professionally.

How Often Do You Wash Your Car?

If you're based in or near Wheeling, we are ideally located to offer you the benefits of our car wash service.  Not only does regular cleaning keep your vehicle looking good, it also protects paintwork and auto parts from dirt damage and the effects of acidic rain.  We offer several different wash combinations, so there's always one that will meet your needs.

Tire Repair at Our Automotive Repair Service

If you've got a flat that's in good condition (apart from a puncture, of course), we can provide a cheap, effective repair that will transform your tire from useless rubber to a safe, functional accessory for your vehicle.  To take advantage of this service or any of the others we provide, call us now at (847)-547-8492.